Class 11 Trigonometric Functions Ex 3.1 Q5 Q6 and Q7 NCERT Maths

Class 11 Chapter 3

Class 11 Ex 3.1 (Q5, Q6, Q7) Chapter 3 Trigonometric Functions NCERT Maths

Question 5: In a circle of diameter 40 cm, the length of a chord is 20 cm. Find the length of minor arc of the chord

Question 6: If in two circles, arcs of the same length subtend angles 60° and 75° at the centre, find the ratio of their radii.

Question 7: Find the angle in radian through which a pendulum swings if its length is 75 cm and the tip describes an arc of length

(i) 10 cm (ii) 15 cm (iii) 21 cm


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